About Red Ruby Rouge

Here at RRR, we consider it our fortunate mission to track down the most innovative and aspirational artists whose products will inspire us for more than just the season, but instead will become the items that embed into your wardrobe for far longer.

Our ever- evolving creative hub is home to an exclusive range of emerging designers, handpicked by the RRR team from across the globe. We invite you into our carefully curated treasure trove to meander amongst the chicest South African jewellery design, to the supple pleasures of leather and suede bags from Uruguay or the effortless elegance of staple hand printed silk tees from Brooklyn.

We believe in style with substance, to arouse allure and invoke inspiration from shoppers of all ages.

We believe in supporting budding designers who are forward thinking and offer something utterly unique.

We believe in the ethos and the ethics behind our brands.

Ultimately, we want to share our best, tried and tested picks, whether wardrobe staples - who doesn't love a clean cut tee or a fail safe gorgeous jumper? - beauty luxuries, or epic accessories.

Each designers comes with their own style and story. Our mission? To create a platform for their co-existence and to share them with you.

So, here is our eclectic yet exclusive shopping collective offering artisanal handy work with products oozing quality. We understand that purchases are precious; that these days, seasons merge into one and with that in mind, our goal is to make sure that you can always look to us for something special, something aspirational and something you will be proud to hold onto.

So, without further a do - relax, sip a martini* (*sub water where more responsible) and enjoy all that we have to offer you. 

With Love,

the RRR team x