Mr. Kate Rose Gold Beauty Marks

by: Mr. Kate

  • The Rose has arrived! We've been waiting for the delicate Rose shade of these to arrive and we couldn't be happier! Officially our beauty product to top all others, get in line, these will become your make up bag essential. Mr. Kate BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" - a collection of Rose foil designs to adorn your face and body. Pick and choose from these beautifully hand drawn designs, sport them surreptitiously on the inside of your wrist or emblazon your cheeks, whatever mark makes you tick. We won't be having a night out without these and a spare. Oh and if you like these, check them out in silver , gold, watercolour or cosmic...

  • These gold hand-drawn designs are applied like faux tattoos and can be cut up and worn in any way to accent your style.  

  • Mr. Kate creator, Kate Albrecht has an enviable list of talents as owner, designer, stylist, interior decorator, cook, blogger, host, DIYer, crafter, frugalista, environmental activist, and opinionated personality behind the quirky and cutting-edge brand. With a background in acting (you thought she looked familiar!), Kate's creativity moved her towards jewellery making and she found such a demand for her designs that Kate happily decided to pursue her new empire full time. Her collection reflects a youthful lifestyle and imaginative aesthetic in unique, handmade pieces. Who can blame celebrity admirers such as Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Cosgrove, Jamie King,  and Miranda Kerr for loving everything Mr. Kate. We certainly do. Use the hashtag #beautymarks and #redrubyrouge and share your own creative styling.