Friedasophie Crescent Moon Gold Necklace

by: FriedaSophie

  • This stunning piece is as unique as it is beautiful.
    Featuring a beautiful crescent moon pattern.
    The 14k gold plated pendants are handcrafted

    Note: Made to-order & shipped from USA. Estimated delivery 14-21 days

  • Each pendant measures approx. 1 inch wide.
    The pendants hang from 18 inch 14k gold filled chain.

  • West Coast designer FriedaSophie brings the beauty of the natural world into her hand crafted jewellery designs. Modern and unconventional her collection uses gemstones, mineral stones, geodes and unique fossils to create her timeless pieces. Each stone and material is selected with love and care, and brings a little piece of global travel into every day life.