Freshy Fig Bib White Cresent Moon Necklaces

by: Freshy Fig

  • A unique mini floral cloisonné enamel pendant. With pink and red flowers on a white background set into Gold surround. The Crescent shape is beautiful on, worn alone or teamed alongside the larger Black Cresent Freshy Fig Necklace to make a layered duo. This is a vintage pendant piece set on a new chain. Pendant from 1960s.

  • Vintage with enamel and gold plating. Pendant measures 1” in width approximately. Necklace measures 14” in length. Handmade. Chain is 14K Gold Fill.  

  • A small team of crafts people work together to make the Freshy Fig line of jewellery as fun and accessible as possible. Their goal is for everyone to be able to wear pieces that help express their individuality without breaking the bank. Jewellery pendants and chain are re-used in many of the vintage necklaces and we use recyclable supplies when possible. Being eco-friendly is very important to the team at Freshy Fig and we love the mix of old and new they bring together. Based in Oregan US