Emi-Jay Tie Dye Hair Ties

by: Emi-Jay

  • Our all time essential and favourite accessory, these hand dyed hair-ties are simple yet completely addictive. Available in various colour packs (we defy you not to want them all!), they look gorgeous, don't break your hair and look pretty even around your wrist. 

  • Hair Ties measure 3"/ 7.6cm in diameter. Shown in Tie Dye  Colors are Sprout, Tie Dye, Orange Sorbet, Tie Dye, + Lovely Lavender.

  • Armed with a dream and many trips to the fabric store, Emi-Jay was created by teenage entrepreneurs Emily and Julianne. These two inspiring girls set out to create quality, modern day hair ties which have fast become the go-to hair accessory for fashion editors, celebrities and well, us! We consider these hand dyed ribbon beauties one of life's essential essentials.