Baleen Twisted Gold Ribbon Necklace

by: Baleen

  • This beautifully graphic and modern design manages to be feminine and sweet whilst still edgy. This simple collarbone-hugging Ribbon Necklace has a polished and modern look that compliments anything from a white tee to an LBD.

  • Necklace pendant measures 1 1/4” wide and is made from gold plated brass pendant. Necklace chain is 14” long, gold filled and made from 1.1mm chain links. Clasp is gold plated and the complete necklace is handmade in Seattle. 

  • Baleen are Billy and Leah, of Baleen. A couple who splits their time between Seattle and Maui and who share a passion for well-designed, thoughtful and beautiful objects. They decided to start Baleen because they think nice, hand-made things don't always have to be expensive, or extravagant. We agree and have serious life envy towards this super cool couple.