Abbi Lee - Sensory Oojamabobs


Abigail Lee founded Sensory Oojamabobs, a comforting chewy jewellery line for both adults and children with sensory needs. She was the first person in the UK to offer customisable chewy jewellery and created Sensory Oojamabobs in 2014, Ideal for sensory seekers of all ages. Abbi's customers now have something tailor-made, safe and stylish.

Never before has jewellery been made with all the senses in mind. We just love what Abbi is doing for the sensory community and revolutionising jewellery making to be soft and flexible and offer comfort with day to day stresses. Non-Toxic, Metal % Phthalates Free, BPA Free, Made from 100% food grade silicone.


Abbi's Story:


Abbi has a first class degree in Psychology from Brunel University where she studied Autistic Spectrum Disorders and carried out a research study into synaesthesia in autism. Things changed drastically for her in 2014 when she, unfortunately has a series of accidents where she developed sensory needs and processing difficulties.

Through supporting a friend's child with an ASD, she became aware of the challenges of finding the right sensory object to help with sensory needs and aversions, such as texture, colour and shape. Through looking at chewy jewellery with her friend, she realised options were limited and expensive and after several months of research she developed Sensory Oojamabobs! chewy items which were fun and customisable, to suit each individual's needs and style.

"I've always been passionate about improving lives and although I can no longer work directly in this field, it's been so exciting to be able to provide better sensory support for people, from someone who has and understands the challenges involved in supporting those with sensory needs".


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