The Midnight Deer Galaxy Pendant

by: The Midnight Deer

  • Our new favourite design from The Midnight Deer, we love how the colours change in this stunning rainbow Galaxy Pendant. Each individually shaped pendant hangs from a gold finish chain and chameleons colour depending on what it lies against. We love this magical stone and since Quartz represents clarity, power and energy, we love it even more! 

  • Necklace measures approximately 42cm in length. Each crystal varies in size and is completely unique. Crystals vary in size and clarity due to their nature. Necklace is handmade in the UK. 

  • The Midnight Deer is a small Brighton/ London based jewellery and accessories brand focusing on handmade pieces, and sought out treasures. Using mouth watering naturally coloured stone pendants, edgy metal combinations and whimsical designs, it’s clear why this brand is a favourite in the UK and abroad as well as on the UK festival circuit.