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Coco / Nuts for Coconut

While we’re certainly not first to the Coconut Oil club, man we are fully signed up members. Is there anything this wonder product can’t do?! We first saw the benefits of the miracle coconut during pregnancy where mixed with coffee scrub (thanks Mullein and Sparrow) it went to war with any cellulite or bumpy skin and helped leave post-pregnancy skin in a very decent condition. Since then we’ve been sneaking it into as much of the beauty regime as possible, from Coco Rose Body Polish to Hurraw’s Coconut Raw Lip Balm. And why not? It literally does the job of thousands.

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Get Oily/ Why natural oils are beauty's best gift

Last year, here at RRR HQ, we made the decision to switch to using as close to all natural beauty products as possible. Now, short of whipping up our own coconut oil/ coffee ground exfoliant (oh wait, we did do that one….) since frankly time is not always on our side and we do have the new series of Girls to watch, we’ve done pretty well with the switch.  And now, guess what, results! Without a doubt, we’ve seen a major change in the texture of our skin, the welcome arrival of a dewy glow (exciting right?) and fewer breakouts. Of all the natural skincare lessons we’ve learnt so far (you know the usual, stay hydrated, natural acids are your friends,...

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