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The Journal Meets....LEAH GOREN

This season we have the complete pleasure of bring the epically talented illustrator and designer Leah Goren to our RRR ranks. Having snagged ourselves the Tiger Scarf immediately (you'll know why when you see it), we stole a little of Leah's time to find out a little more about life at LG HQ. What we've learnt? That we wish we were her studio mates....  

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Blurred Lines - An intro to a little thing we call SwellBeing

Here at RRR we like to think of ourselves as the ultimate treasure hunters come fairy godmothers. I.E It is our happy duty to scour the globe high and low to bring you something special, something with a personal touch, something oozing with love, individuality and above all something that blends and seamlessly fuses style with substance. There is so much beauty to be found in blurring this boundary between wellbeing and style slash fashion or whatever you want to call it – we prefer the term swellbeing… Some say that as a generation, we take too much pride in our appearances (whatevs), that we don't focus enough on our insides. Beauty lies within right? (Clearly no one saw that...

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BLUE is the Warmest Colour

Today the RRR team bring to you a re-fresher. No, sadly not the sparkling, lemony, alcoholic kind, but a new stylish, vibrant attitude, that will flip your Summer Blues into the most positive vibes yet!  We're pretty much half way through our Summer, right? And if your anything like us your hearts and heads are filled with blue skies and body begging seas and maybe even blues over that bikini you SO wanted but actually those -yes plural- icecreams you devoured last week are taking their tole and it's a total no go. (Gutting, we know).  Fear not! We're here to tell you that those sea dipping, sun soaking dreams need not be crushed just yet and here's how.

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