Coco / Nuts for Coconut

While we’re certainly not first to the Coconut Oil club, man we are fully signed up members. Is there anything this wonder product can’t do?!

Hurraw! Coconut Natural Lip Balm We first saw the benefits of the miracle coconut during pregnancy where mixed with coffee scrub (thanks Mullein and Sparrow) it went to war with any cellulite or bumpy skin and helped leave post-pregnancy skin in a very decent condition. Since then we’ve been sneaking it into as much of the beauty regime as possible, from Coco Rose Body Polish to Hurraw’s Coconut Raw Lip Balm. And why not? It literally does the job of thousands.
Which other skin-care component is…
A wonderful skin moisturiser
Excellent natural make up remover
Ideal deep cleanser
Protects from sunburn
Can reduce wrinkles 
Naturally antibacterial 
Prevents premature aging 
Soothes chapped lips
Excellent insect repellant 
Safe and hypo allergenic name a few. Surely nothing can compete? 

Our new obsession is now Herbivore Botanical’s Coconut Bath Soak. There is quite simply no greater pleasure than running a hot bath and luxuriating in this amazingness. Forget having to moisturise after the bath, it’s an actual one-stop-shop, laze in it’s greatness and then off you go, with wonderfully soft, smooth, moisturised skin. It is skin care royalty. 

Now, off to find other uses for the coconut king....

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