Lee Coren Dead Sea Foldover Clutch

by: Lee Coren

  • Consider carrying this, as owning your own piece of art. This desert landscape photo was taken by Lee herself during a road trip to the Dead Sea. We love it's moody colours and soft tones. 

  • Clutch is fully lined and closed with a quality YKK metal zipper. Image is Printed on both sides. Clutch measures 9.5” in width and 11.5" in height. Made from Natural Cotton. 100% Handmade. 

  • Israeli designer Lee Coren designs textiles  inspired by her local surroundings. From  seemingly mundane urban details like an old shutter or the curve or a mailbox, Lee finds unique patterns to inspire her pieces.. After photographing these forgotten elements, sheI brings them back to life onto totes and clutches by screen printing her own fabrics, which will then return to the city  as quality modern accessories. We love her process and the social conscience that attaches to each of her designs.